Phoenix Motorcars Gonna do the Plug-In Thing

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about Phoenix Motorcars and its not quite attractive but very advanced electric vehicles. Pacific Gas & Electric laid down its money to add Phoenix SUTs (sport utility trucks) to its fleet, and George Bush recently ogled a Phoenix on the White House lawn. Now it comes over the PR wire (via Green Car Congress) that Phoenix will also be offering a plug-in hybrid option for its line. With a small internal combustion engine traveling along with the advanced battery pack, the vehicle won’t be limited to its 150-200 mile battery range, but will be able to kick into gas mode whenever stored electricity starts to peter out. All cost issues notwithstanding, many think that the plug-in configuration is key in convincing car buyers that electric vehicles are viable and practical for those of us who aren’t George Clooney or Ed Begley Jr. ::Green Car Congress
Also check out AutoBlog Green for some video of the SUT in action and words form the company’s VP of sales and marketing.


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