Little Known Fact: Thirteen People Can Fit Inside a Smart Car

Don't Try This at Home
What better way for Smart to celebrate its 10th anniversary than to cram 13 gymnasts inside one of its tiny ForTwo urban cars (except maybe making a real Smart Car vending machine)?

But the best thing is, 13 isn't even a record for the Smart ForTwo. "Eighteen people managed to squeeze inside a smart in Germany back in 2002." Yes, 18. We wonder if using amputees would be considered cheating..?
More 'Stuffing people in cars' Records

  • Audi 80: 21

  • British Leyland Metro: 21, members
    of the Plymouth Young Wives Association at Davenport (U.K.), on 30 Sept 1982

  • British Leyland Mini: 39

  • Ford Escort Mk. 1: 20, students of the Birmingham University (U.K.), 16 November 1985

  • Ford Sierra: 27, students at the University of Nottingham (U.K.), 14 October 1985

  • Jaguar XJ6: 42, The Moss Bay Mojorettes in Jacksonville (USA), 26 August 1984

  • standard 56-seater London double-decker bus: 354 pupils from Chunet View Middle School, Leeks (U.K.), 15 December 1989

  • Maruti: 42, Gira Bagri (India) and his team, 26 February 1995

  • Mercedes Benz MBO 405G bus (normal capacity: 144 persons):
    438 students of Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore, 3 July 1998

  • New Mini Cooper: 22 Mini 10" Sport Club (Spain) in Madrid (Spain) on 11 June 2006

  • Renault Espace: 34 students of the École supérieure de commerce (France), 17 November 1988

  • Renault Twingo: 22 Osnabrück Tigers cheerleades at the opening of a Renault selling centre in Osnabrück (Germany) on 5 March 2006

  • Skoda Felicia: 28, students of a high school in Brno (Czech Republic), 27 June 1997

  • Skoda Octavia: 32, students of a high school in Brno (Czech Republic), 27 June 1997

  • Smart: 18 people from Bad Abbach, Oct 2002 [minimum age 15 years only for this category]

  • Toyota Tercel 1300: 29, Verkehrskadetten March-Höfe, Pfäffikon (Switzerland)

  • Trabant 601 S: 32, Phönix
    Soccer Club Wildau (Germany), November 1998 [minimum age 10 years only fro this category]

    12 men who are at least 2 m [6 ft 7 in] tall, "Clubs of Tall People" meeting, Torgau (Germany) 30 Sept 2000

  • Vauxhall Astra: 21 students from the University of York (UK) in 2006

  • VW Golf: 30, Raiffeisen Youth Club Langenlois (Austria), 6 November 1983

  • New VW Beetle ("new Beetle"): 27, Penn State Abington (EU), 25. 4. 2001

  • VW Beetle: 34, members of Chelsea College (Great Britain), 15 February 1969

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