Goodbye Lexus HS 250h Hybrid, We Hardly Knew Ya

Lexus Kills HS 250h 3 Years After Introduction

It seems like it was just yesterday that Lexus introduced the HS 250h hybrid, the first dedicated luxury hybrid (like the Prius, there's no non-hybrid version of the HS 250h). But I never was crazy about the styling, and apparently Lexus buyers weren't either, because sales were slow enough that the company decided to quietly kill off the model barely 3 years after it was introduced.

According to Inside Line, Lexus HS 250h sales "plunged 73 percent last year to only 2,864 units, from 10,663 in 2010." Could it be because drivers who have almost $40k to spend on a green(er) car now have more options to choose from? It might not be as luxurious, but the LEAF certainly is greener than the HS 250h...

In any case, RIP, HS 250h. You died so young. Here are some pics to remember you by...

Via Inside Line

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