Kite For Sail: Kite-Powered Yachting Product Launched

When Warren first reported on Kite For Sail’s innovative yacht propulsion system back in 2007, the company had apparently slated the next five years for further R&D.; However, with rising gas prices hitting the headlines daily, it seems like the Maui-based yachting enthusiasts may be bringing their technology to market earlier than expected – they are now accepting down payments on orders via the Kite For Sail website, with delivery expected in the next 6 months (a full system will set you back between $3,320 and $3,545) . The makers claim the systems are safe and easy to install, and may save as much as 90% on fuel costs in optimum conditions. Click below the fold for a TV report on the prototype vessel in action, and for further reading on other kite-powered shipping options.
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