Just what is the dominant life form on Earth? Looking from space, one might think it is the car

Dominant life form
Screen capture What on Earth

After Grist posted Your car’s bedroom is bigger than yours, a reader noted that someone looking from space might consider cars to be the dominant life form on Earth, as Martians evidently did in 1966. (It's shown above, feeding.)

This animated short proposes what many earthlings have long feared – that the automobile has inherited the planet. When life on Earth is portrayed as one long, unending conga-line of cars, a crew of extra-terrestrial visitors understandably assume they are the dominant race. While humans, on the other hand, are merely parasites.

They have a point.

What on Earth! by Les Drew & by Kaj Pindal, National Film Board of Canada

From Canada's National Film Board, directed and animated by Les Drew and Kaj Pindal, nominated for an Academy Award. Thanks, Tipster Michael!

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