Just In Time For The Summer Drive Season...

"On the eve of summer and as gasoline prices soar, the auto industry is launching a $1 million radio ad campaign that challenges the push for new vehicles to get about 35 miles per gallon. The ads, decrying "extreme fuel economy increases," are part of a brewing fight in Congress over legislation that will be considered next month and could lead to more fuel-efficient vehicles...The ads will starting running this weekend in states with a large concentration of pickup truck and sport utility vehicle owners, including Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The group also directs people to a web site that encourages residents to contact their members of Congress about the proposed bill." With gasoline bumping US$4/gallon ,the "extreme mileage" thing would sound pretty good to me. But I don't plan on buying a really big truck. If fuel stays that high, though, it seems reasonable to expect fewer "Sold" signs on those "normal mileage" vehicles. Via: Houston Chronicle Image credit: Neils Big Truck.


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