Jalopnik/KORSdesign Mockup of Honda's Upcoming Dedicated Hybrid Car

What Honda's Dedicated Hybrid Might Look Like
Jalopnik has asked KORSdesign to create a mockup of what Honda's upcoming dedicated hybrid, planned for 2010, might look like. They obviously used the spy-shots (see below) that came out a few weeks ago as a foundation, and added some elements from the Honda FCX Hydrogen Fuel Cell car (Honda said their new hybrid would take design cues from it).

In fact, except for the rear, it looks almost exactly like the FCX (pic below), which isn't such a bad thing.Spy Shots of Honda's Upcoming Dedicated Hybrid

More spy shots in this post: Honda's Upcoming Hybrid Looks Like... a Prius
Honda FCX Clarity

As you can see, the mockup was obviously based on the Clarity. Of course, we won't know what the real new hybrid actually looks like until Honda officially unveils it.

Insight R.I.P.
In related news, it seems like the rumors about a revival of the "Insight" name for Honda's second dedicated hybrid (the Insight was the first one) were incorrect. We don't know the name of the car yet, but it probably won't be Insight.

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