In Japan, Your Nissan Helps You Drive Efficiently

Nissan just announced that users of its popular CARWINGS navigation system (only in Japan for now) will now have access to a new service called "Eco-Drive and You". There are three main components: 1) Eco-drive check, which shows your average fuel consumption, trends in fuel economy, a history and comparison with the last 2 records; 2) Eco-drive ranking, which shows your average fuel economy history and compares it with other CARWINGS members with the same car model, and displays annual fuel expenses and savings; 3) Driving Advice via audio guidance, various tips on more efficient driving.

Please Nissan, don't keep this technology Japan-only! Real-time feedback has proven to be very effective in making people more efficient drivers (in the Toyota Prius, for example). It's a lot easier to improve if you know exactly how you're doing... ::Nissan Press Release, via ::Green Car Congress. See also: ::We Want Fuel Economy Feedback in All Cars, ::Toyota to Introduce "Eco Drive" Indicator, ::Nissan to Develop Own Hybrid Technology

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