Hybrids, Diesels Dominate 2006 Fuel-Efficiency List

The manual transmission version of the hybrid Honda Insight tops the latest EPA fuel efficiency list, with 60 MPG in the city and 66 MPG on the highway. Second was the hybrid Toyota Prius with 60 MPG city and 51 MPG highway. But the Honda Civic Hybrid didn't make this year's list of 2006 models, despite fuel economy behind only that of the Honda Insight and the Toyota Prius. Reportedly, the car missed the testing cut-off date.Volkswagen makes the list with its diesel Beetle, Golf and Jetta cars. The only gas-only vehicle to make the top 10 is the manual Toyota Corolla.

Here are some of the EPA listings:

Five most fuel-efficient,mpg (city), mpg (hwy)
1. Honda Insight (manual, hybrid), 60, 66
2. Toyota Prius (hybrid), 60, 51
3. Volkswagen New Beetle and Golf (manual, diesel), 37, 44
4. Volkswagen Jetta (manual, diesel), 36, 41
5. Ford Escape Hybrid (FWD), 36, 31

Five least fuel-efficient, mpg (city), mpg (hwy)
1. Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup (automatic), 9, 12
2. Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup (manual), 9, 15
3. Bentley Arnage and Arnage LWB, 10, 14
4. Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, 10, 17
5. Aston Martin V12 Vanquish S, 11, 17

Category, most fuel-efficient, mpg (city), mpg (hwy)
Two-seater: Honda Insight (manual), 60, 66
Minicompact: Mini Cooper (manual), 28, 36
Subcompact: Volkswagen New Beetle (manual), 37, 44
Compact: Volkswagen Golf (manual, diesel), 37, 44
Midsize: Toyota Prius (hybrid), 60, 51


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