Honda Shows 2012 Civic Concept, Expands Natural Gas Availability (2011 Detroit Auto Show)

Photo: Michael Graham Richard
Evolution Rather than Revolution
Honda is overdue for a redesign of its ever-popular Civic, and the Civic concept cars unveiled in Detroit this year give us a good idea of what direction Honda is taking, and that seems to be pretty much the same as for the last generation. But what what I really want to know is if this new Civic will be greener than the one that it will replace. Read on for more details and photos.
Photo: Michael Graham Richard

While it's too early for the technical specifications and EPA MPG ratings, Honda says that the new Civic will be more fuel-efficient (which is a bare minimum these days) and get at least 40 MPG on the highway.

The hybrid version will still be stuck with the IMA "assist" drivetrain, but the batteries are being upgraded:

. The upcoming Civic Hybrid offers the latest generation of the compact and lightweight Integrated Motor Assist™ (IMA™) gasoline-electric hybrid system and features the first application of a lithium-ion battery in a Honda hybrid.

Photo: Michael Graham Richard
Driver Training Included
The Civic will also come equipped with Honda's Eco Assist, which helps drivers to save fuel by keeping track of their driving habits and rewarding them for being easy on the gas and smooth on the brakes. All cars should have this type of comprehensive fuel-economy feedback, not just hybrids.

Photo: Michael Graham Richard

Photo: Michael Graham Richard

Honda has also said that it is "expanding retail sales of the natural gas-powered Civic GX model, which is the only OEM-built, dedicated CNG passenger car assembled in America" from 4 states to nation-wide.

While the CNG Civic still runs on fossil fuels, it has much lower tailpipe emissions than any gasoline or diesel-powered vehicle, and it also produces less CO2 than all but a couple of hybrids.

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