GM Releases 2011 Chevy Volt Photos & Specifications! (Tons of Photos)

GM says: "Working closely with GM aerodynamicists to shape the Volt, design and engineering teams developed one of the most aerodynamic vehicles in GM's history."

We don't have the exact drag coefficient number yet, though.

Where Will it Be Made?
The GM Volt should be manufactured in Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly, "subject to GM successfully negotiating satisfactory government incentives".

Fuel Costs
GM estimates fuel costs for the Volt this way:

"GM estimates that the Volt will cost about two cents per mile to drive while under battery power compared to 12 cents per mile using gasoline priced at $3.60 per gallon. For an average driver who drives 40 miles per day (or 15,000 miles per year), this amounts to a cost savings of $1,500 annually. Using peak electric rates, GM estimates that an electrically driven mile in a Chevy Volt will be about one-sixth of the cost of a conventional gasoline-powered vehicle. The cost savings are even greater when charging during off-peak hours, when electric rates are cheaper."

More photos and technical info on page 3!

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