Forget About Cars for a Minute: 11 Heavy Duty Green Trucks

TNT Express Diesel-Hybrid Truck Fleet

The trucks are Dutro Hybrids made by Hino. The engine is a 4.0-liter, 110 kW (134 hp) turbodiesel that develops 392 Nm (289 lb-ft) of torque at 1,600 rpm with a 23 kW, 143 Nm electric motor and a six-speed transmission. The battery pack is a 273V, 6.5 Ah NiMH system. Where this diesel-hybrid system shines is in the smog-forming emissions: "The hybrid vehicle reduces NOx emissions by almost half and PM by 98.9%." Read more about it here: TNT Express Becomes First Australian Company with Diesel-Hybrid Truck Fleet.

Fedex Diesel Hybrid-Electric Vans

These vans will manufactured by the Italian company Iveco and based on Inveco's Daily Transport van. The company is aiming for a 30% reduction in fuel consumption (based on operating cycle) with the standard Daily Hybrid. Read more about it here: Fedex To Unveil New Diesel Hybrid-Electric Vans.

UPS Compressed Natural Gas Trucks

UPS recently unleashed 168 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) delivery vehicles onto the streets of Texas, Georgia, and California. The delivery company has been buffing up its environmental record these past few year: It shifted to dry washing its trucks in Georgia, spent $600 million on improving the efficiency of its operations, and outfitted some of their vehicles with a newfangled "hydraulic hybrid" (more about it here) propulsion system. Read more about it here: UPS Deploys 167 Compressed Natural Gas Trucks.

Coca-Cola's Hybrid Delivery Trucks

In 2008, Coca Cola has ordered 120 Eaton hybrid delivery trucks, on top of the 20 it bought in 2007, and 185 others are supposed to be deployed in 2009. These should reduce emissions by about 32% and fuel consumption by up to 37% compared to the company's regular trucks. Read more about it here: Coca Cola & UPS Canada Try to Clean Up Their Truck Fleets.

300 Hybrid Buses To Be Driving the London Streets by 2011

Transport for London unveiled a new range of single and double deck hybrid buses which will form the first stage of a major expansion of the UK capital’s hybrid bus fleet. By the end of January 2009, 56 hybrid buses will be on the road, with a further 300 to be in operation by 2011. TfL says that the new hybrid buses have CO2 emissions which are 40% lower than conventional buses. What’s more they are significantly quieter, a fact which should make living alongside a bus route and being a passenger more pleasant. Read more about it here: 300 Hybrid Buses To Be Driving the London Streets by 2011

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