First Real GM Volt Integration Vehicle Scheduled for June 1st

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Bidding the Mules Adieu
Up to this point, GM had some Volt powertrains on the road, but they were in Cruze mules, vehicles that different interior and exterior designs. GM also had some cars that looked like the final Volt, but they didn't have the 'Voltec' powertrain. That's about to change: If all goes well, on June 1st, the first "full integration" Volt will be on the road, with about 80 of them to be made before the next phase of production can begin.
Click on the photo above to see our Chevy Volt slideshow. Photo: GM
GM-Volt writes:

Andrew Farah, the Volt's lead engineer actually has a countdown clock in his office revealing that 63 days from today, assembly of the first true Volt will start. All the parts will be lined up at the low volume assembly facility and will begin to come together that day. Andrew notes the first one will take longer to produce, but for all intents and purposes will come to life on June 1st. They will then be built at a rate of roughly 10 per week until a total fleet of over 80 is completed.

Those cars "will look, taste, smell, and feel like the Volt. They are the Volt," said Farah "my goal is by Forth of July to be out driving several of them."

Also in the news recently, GM was saying that the Volt's battery pack is cheaper than many think, and getting cheaper as time goes on. Let's hope that as the production process is refined, costs keep going down and we don't have more bad surprises like this one.

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