Ecotricity's Nemesis Breaks UK Electric Car Land Speed Record with 148.7 MPH

© Ecotricity


Ecotricity is a bit behind Tesla Motors in turning a modified Lotus into an electric speed-demon, but the Nemesis (that's what they call it) is still very cool, and very fast. Quick enough, in fact, to break the UK's electric land speed record!

© Ecotricity

"The previous record, of 137mph, was set by the grandson of racing legend Sir Malcolm Campbell, Don Wales, driving a Bluebird Electric in 2000. Wales attempted to break his own record in August 2011 but failed after the car hit a pothole on a beach in Wales."

But on the morning of September 27th, the Nemesis reached 148.7 MPH near York, convincingly breaking the previous record. Kudos to the Ecotricity team!

The BBC has a video of it here.

Via BBC, Guardian

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