Detroit Auto Show 2009: Lexus Reveals Hybrid-Only 2010 HS 250h

Lexus 250h Hybrid Green Touches in Interior
The Lexus HS 250h will use bio-plastics (what Lexus calls "Ecological Plastics") is various places in the car's interior (luggage-trim upholstery, door scuff plate, floor-finish plate, seat cushions, etc). These are claimed to be carbon-neutral, and Lexus says: "Over the estimated lifecycle of the vehicle, the HS 250h will have approximately 20-percent fewer carbon-dioxide emissions as a result of utilizing the Ecological Plastic trim pieces."

What's Under the Hood of the Lexus 250h Hybrid
The 250h is the first Lexus with a 4-cylinder engine. A 2.4-liter Atkinson-cycle engine produces 187hp when combined with the electric motor. It is not clear yet how many kWh of energy can be stored in the battery pack (we assume it is NiMH), or how powerful the electric motors are.

All photos: Michael Graham Richard

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