76 hours after leaving Los Angeles, two record-breaking electric Teslas reach New York City

Tesla cross-country record drive powered by Supercharger stations
© Tesla

Range anxiety? What's that?

Last week, we wrote about a Guinness World Record attempt by Tesla employees who were driving from Los Angeles to New York City in all-electric Tesla sedans, with the goal of being the fastest electric cars to go from coast to coast. Their not-so-secret weapon is of course the network of Supercharger fast-charging stations that now connect both cities:

© Tesla

Powered by Supercharger stations

After 76 hours driving through blizzards, a blinding sand storm, freezing temperatures, and driving rain, the two Model S EVs reached New York's City Hall at 7:30 AM on Sunday February 2nd, the lowest recorded charge time for an electric vehicle traveling across the country. This accomplishment is being assessed by the Guinness World Records people.

During the last part of the trip, the Tesla EVs were driven by Tesla staffers Sara Eslinger and Jalpa Patel, pictured above.

The final numbers are:

Trip meter per car: 3,464.5 miles
Total energy: 1,197.8 kWh

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Via Tesla Blog

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