66 Ways To Save Money on Gasoline

How To Save Gas During Engine Startup

37. Turn off electronics. Starting your car with electronic devices, like the radio, air conditioning, and 12-volt refrigerator turned off will put less strain on your engine which translates to better gas mileages.

38. Close the sun or moon roof.
Having these open will increase drag.

39. Turn the key and get moving.
Modern vehicles do not need to be warmed up, even on cold mornings - 30 seconds is plenty of time.

40. Turn off the choke.
If the car is revving, check that the automatic choke is disengaged after engine warm up.

41. Check for leaks.
Before you take your car out, check the driveway for gas tank leaks. Even little ones can waste plenty of fuel over time.

Ways to Save Gas While On The Road

42. Drive steadily. Slowing down or speeding up wastes fuel. Maintain a steady pace--the ideal trip is one where you never stop except for signs and lights.

43. Don't exceed the legal speed limit.
However tough it may be to comprehend, the primarily goal of a speed limit for your traveling safety. However, it is also a good estimate of the most efficient speed for the road as well.

44. Careful with those brakes.
A car consumes the most gas as it accelerates, while a moving car doesn't require much gasoline to keep moving. Ideally, the brake should be used sparingly--expert hypermilers roll to a dead stop at every red light and stop sign.
45. Shift up early and down late.
If you have a manual transmission and want to save some gas, here's a hot tip: You need to shift up as soon as you can and shift down as the last possible moment.

46. Avoid hard stops.
Panic or hard stops will also cost you; anticipate stop signs, pedestrian walkways, and traffic lights.

47. Get on the good foot: Use your right one only.
To avoid riding the brake and wasting gas, use your right foot to control both pedals.

48. Don't weave.
The more you weave the more gas you burn. Keep your wheel still and steady as she goes.

49. Don't accelerate up hill.
Don’t accelerate up a hill. When approaching it, build up speed before the incline, maintain on the way up, then coast down.

50. Follow traffic reports.
The radio is the road's information superhighway, and traffic reports are there for a reason. Use them to avoid jams and other delays, which can help keep your momentum steady.

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