24.6 MPG: March 2013 was a record month for fuel economy in U.S.


Not amazing, but progress nonetheless

The average fuel economy of new vehicles sold in the U.S. is still inching up month after month, hitting a new record of 24.6 MPG in March 2013, beating the revised numbers of both January and February by 0.2 MPG. Or at least, that's what the numbers compiled by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) tell us...

Ideally someday, there will be far fewer cars that will be used more appropriately (ie. not urban commuting), and we'll forget about "miles per gallon" and concentrate entirely on "kilowatt-hour per mile" (a better way to estimate the efficiency an of electric car than MPG-equivalent) and on the carbon content of those kilowatts (with zero being the ideal number, of course). But for now that's what we have, and it's good that the fuel economy and the miles driven per capita trends are in the right direction.

Fueleconomy.gov/Screen capture


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