Solar Powered Bike Bags for Energy Savvy Cyclists

Image via The Red Ferret Journal, credit duoliling

Sticking solar cells on bikes for supplemental power is not exactly new, but the idea is finally finding more fashionable forms. Well, sort of. This small bag fits onto handle bars or the bike bar for gathering a charge while riding. It doesn't directly charge anything in particular, like safety lights, but that could be a boon for riders who want to gather energy for more than just their bike accessories. This saddle bag can be placed on your bike bar or handle bars and can hold your MP3 player or whatever it is you need to charge up, along with a few other items. The solar panel charges an internal battery box that can charge devices needing anywhere from 3.7 volts to 9 volts. It's also made with a shoulder strap so you can easily detach it from your bike and carry it along with you as a purse. Though, at that point it does loose the cool, fashionable look.

The problem is the manufacturer doesn't divulge the capacity of the solar cells. So it very well could be (and probably is) a junky product that takes days of charging to reach a full battery. And if it's expensive, you're not likely to leave it on your bike in the sun for charging while you're away. So, if you want to get a full charge on your cell phone, you'll probably need this, along with a Hymini charger and a Dynamo charger -- and maybe one of those solar/wind helmets too -- could help turn your bike into a tiny energy generator.

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