Seven Cheap and Cheerful Commuter Bikes

More and more people are commuting on their bikes. But what is the best bike for commuting? Our bike expert Warren says a good commuter bike has three main attributes:

1. they come equipped with a heap of accessories, such as fenders (mud guards), lights, cargo rack and strap, safety locks, kickstands, bells, and chain/wheel splash guards;
2. the cyclist sits tall, rather than crouched forward in a racing position;
3. they are simple, single speed models, or multi-speed enclosed, low maintenance, rear hubs.

Another website defines it as a bike that has the following components from the factory:

1. a chain guard
2. fenders
3. rear luggage rack
4. lights

A harder question to answer is: What is cheap? That depends, but we give it a shot in our photo gallery of commuter bikes.

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