NYC Bicycle Shelter Parking iPhone Photos: How Street It Is

While making the weekly mecca to the famed Union Square Farmers Market, this TreeHugger stumbled upon a suhweet street oasis: some fresh, clean, modern and user-friendly bicycle parking. Cemusa, a company that has a contract to build bus shelters and newsstands on city sidewalks, has installed the first of 37 bike shelters, which provide covered racks and cycling maps of the city. Check out a bunch of iPhone snaps showing the maps and instructions provided for locking up your ride when you pop a wheelie over the jump.According to a Department of Transportation spokesperson, last year about 800 new bike racks were added bringing the citywide total to more than 4,000 that can accommodate 20,000 bikes. We are psyched about these shelters and really looking forward to the next big bike thang coming through for NYC: its first-ever bike-only parking lot with attendant. Also take a gander at these other great bicycle storage options.


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