Electric Bike RV is Tiny House on Wheels

Fair Companies/Video screen capture

We TreeHuggers love tiny houses and we love electric bikes. So a project that combines the two is almost irresistible. Jay Nelson—whose fantastical geometric creations Kimberley posted on previously—has built what is essentially an electric quadracycle and tiny house/RV all in one using materials commonly available at the hardware store. And Fair Companies—the people who brought us an Ewok Village in Oregon; a tiny house of inner peace; and a beautiful stable in the hills of Spain—paid Jay a visit to check out his creation in detail.

Featuring sleeping space, luggage storage, a tiny kitchen (with sink) and even a rudimentary toilet arrangement, this thing is pretty darned neat. And the addition of a steering wheel/iPhone holder makes it feel all rather modern, if a little quirky.

Fair Companies/Video screen capture

Sure, it's minute size and limited range—it can do a little under 10 miles and has a top speed of 20mph ("especially down hill!")—mean that this is more a leisure run-around than a serious home. But it is one more reminder that simplicity and smallness can bring freedom and great pleasure. Please follow @faircompanies and @kirstendirksen for more awesome videos, and check out Kimberley's post for more of Jay's incredible vehicles and alternative RVs.

Fair Companies/Video screen capture

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