Cycling Community Pays Tribute To Canadian Opposition Leader Jack Layton: "In Heaven, Everybody Rides A Bicycle."

Images credit Martin Reis

I noted in the brief obit for Canadian leader of the Opposition Jack Layton that he was a committed urban cyclist, and that he and Olivia have been cycling everywhere forever, long before it was fashionable. The spontaneous outpouring of grief and love has been extraordinary in Toronto, where he was a city councillor for years and a big promoter of bicycle culture. The response from the cycling community has been amazing, and can be seen all over downtown. Martin Reis shows some of their work.

A few ghost bikes have been set up in his honour;

This is on the top of one of the bike locking ring and posts. One commenter suggested that this should be put on every one in town.

People are thinking about what in Toronto should be renamed to honour Jack; some suggest that the bike lane network should become Layton Lanes.

Thanks, Jack.

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