Bike Cargo, Chapter 3: 22 Extended Frame Bikes


Whereas many Bakfiets inspired cargo bikes still utilise a plywood box, the Cabby Gazelle takes a fresh approach. It has a fabric bag that hangs from a metal frame, all of which can be easily removed of added as needs be. This patented, foldable, detachable storage area can still be fitted out with seats and seat belts for kids, or even rapidly adapted to take to a baby capsule. All up the capacity of the front container is rated to 75 kg. Dutch Gazelle has distribution in locales as far flung as Australia, as well as across the channel in the UK. Gazelle Caddy


A German company, , have their own rendition of the cargo bike, the Filibus, with a long stowage carrier mounted about a small 20" front wheel. And although it may horrify American readers the Filibus can be fitted with two child seats on that front carrier frame. Propulsion comes via three gear SRAM set, or the seven speed Nexus internal hub. Apparently 50 Kemper bikes, with their lightish weight 20 kg frames were ordered for Australia's so-called Green Olympics, where they were put to use lugging about loads up to 75 kilograms. Kemper Filibus


Kona call their cargo bike the Ute. In Australia, this is slang light ultility truck, which is kind of the market Kona is targeting with their bike. This long wheel base bike comes packaged with fenders/mudguards, a large centre stand plus a central wood deck and a large pannier. It has a mountain bike aesthetic and not to disappoint it does sport that other modern invention, bicycle suspension. The sloping top tube makes step-over easier, without need to swing a leg over, which could be tricky with a large rear load on board. Kona Ute

Madsen Cycles

Jared Madsen, who once lived in the Netherlands, has taken the classic plywood Bakfiets box and adapted it for roadways not as flat or smooth as those found in Copenhagen. So now its a massive big tub, or bucket, made from low-density polyurethane. Offered in two distinct models with rack (seen here) or with the huge plastic bucket, the Madsen has been tested as good for trucking around loads of up to 270 kg (600 pounds)! A central kick stand keeps the bike balance when parked. Madsen Cycles


In Portland, Oregon can be found Jamie Nichols and Phillip Ross, who make what they term 'artisan frames,' under the moniker of Metrofiets. The cheerfully acknowledge the design legacy of Danish and Dutch cargo bikes, but also take inspiration from American bikes of the pre 60's. They also endeavour to craft their bike frames and cargo boxes from materials originating within the USA. They also appear to have a penchant for comfy riding fat tyres in their cargo bike designs. Metrofiets


This Swedish bike manufacturer has been in the transport industry for over 100 years. It was making the Long John over seventy years ago, and some would suggest bike technology has moved on a little since then. But this is largely the same degree as of yesteryear. So whether you're seeking out time tested design or hankering for days of yore, the Long John , might be able to oblige, with its forward placed low centre of gravity and ability to transport up to 100 kg of payload, such as washing machines, stereos, up to five kids and the kitchen sink! Wicker baskets are available to fit the front cargo hold, to better organise goods and chattels. Monark Long John


Nihola have wide distribution across Europe, but they also service the UK, US and Canada with their bicycles. Of relevance to us in this round up are their several species of cargo bikes, as we decided to highlight the Flex model, because it tackles the issue of human-powered transport for those confined to wheel chairs.The Flex can manage combined weights of cyclist, wheel chair user and wheel chair of up to 220 kg. The ramp for the wheelchair access is built right into the bike's frame, operating with gas dampers. Nihola Flex

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