Beautiful Bike Wedding in Sao Paulo

Photos: Luddista.

It might not be a first, but you have to give this couple credit for marrying on a bike in a city where traffic is so heavy that even pedestrians beat cars.

Priscila Teixeira and Willian Cruz were married last week in Sao Paulo and they organized a group biking trip to the city hall. As strong bike activists, they invited everyone who wanted to join with only one condition: they had to ride to the place.

Take a look at more sweet pictures inside and get inspired!As we've mentioned in our How to green your wedding guide, how you and your guests travel to your party is one of the most important parts of its carbon footprint. So why not choosing the greenest vehicle of them all?

We've seen some couples do this in China and Portland, but hey: give the Brazilian couple credit, getting married and biking there in one of the cities with the worst traffic jams and highest number of helicopters in the world.

Plus, the bike was a whole part and theme for the wedding: just take a look at the sign at the front of the bride's bike. It reads, "United by the bike." And the groom placed a large banner with the words, "for my love to pass by."

Feeling inspired already? Take a look at the pics below.

Thanks Vitor Leal for the tip!

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