A Bike Helmet That Makes You Look Like Russell Crowe

I really like this bike helmet from Canedo Studio a lot. It integrates eye protection into the helmet, the ventilation is terrific, and cars will keep far away from me. Joaquin Phoenix and his sword will keep far away from me.

Yanko says:

The Gladiat8r concept is inspired by gladiator helmets of ancient Rome. Its weight is distributed across the entire surface, a carefully spaced "ribcage" ensuring the shades remain in place during use but also reduce friction from the usual support areas such as the nose-bridge and ears.

Then there are my new Bikers Revenge handlebar plugs designed by Matt Braun and Jared Delorenzo of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

These modified handlebar plugs speak to the disgruntled urban cyclist. By retro-fitting stock parts with up-cycled keys, bikers can now find satisfaction with close encounters. This concept puts an new twist on the timeless tradition of car-keying revenge.

Bikers Revenge via Geekologie

Just like those spikes on the chariots.


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