700+ Cyclists Ride to Support the Prospect Park West Bike Lane in Brooklyn (Video)

Image: Screen capture from Streetfilms video.
We <3 Bike Lanes
While some "well-connected New Yorkers" want to see it gone (they even sued the city), the Prospect Park West (PPW) bike lane in Brooklyn is a huge hit with many cyclists who use it with their families. A ride was organized to show support for the lane, and it was a great success with hundreds of cyclists (estimates are around 750) showing up. Check out the photos and the video below!
Image: Screen capture from Streetfilms video.

The "We Ride the Lanes" event was the brainchild of Mitch Sonies, who rides the PPW bike lane with his six-year-old daughter and wanted to do something positive to highlight how much people appreciate having a much safer street in their neighborhood. "It was a real celebration of this great, safe bike path," said Mitch. "When I first started kicking around the idea of a family ride, I never imagined so many people would want to take part. It's a real testament to the popularity of the lane." (source)

Image: Screen capture from Streetfilms video.

Check out this great video by our friend Clarence:

More photos of the event can be found in this Flickr PPW pool.

Via Streetfilms
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