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    Bucket Basics

    November 11, 8:28 AM by Karin Kloosterman in Bathroom Design

    Being in Thailand's remote island of Koh Tao for a couple of weeks reminds us the importance of conserving every last drop of freshwater. And as savvy and hip as most of us TreeHuggers are, some of us are looking for the tried and true, back to

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    Award Winning Enviro Laundry Saves the Climate

    November 10, 8:10 AM by Warren McLaren in Bathroom Design

    Ozone, is a substance that like CO2, seems not only to require international treaties, but it likes cleaning stuff. Apparently NASA discovered it works a treat as a disinfectant, killing bacteria and making stains soluble at low temperatures. The

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    The Flusher King: Testing Toilets

    October 24, 7:47 AM by Lloyd Alter in Bathroom Design

    When low-water flush toilets became the law, they were not very popular; people were even smuggling high-volume toilets across the border from Canada, because the things just didn't work, often requiring two or three flushes to get everything down.

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    WaterSaver Technologies Aqus Uses Sink Greywater for Toilet

    October 7, 1:12 PM by Christine Lepisto in Bathroom Design

    The Aqus(TM) is the epitomy of American ingenuity. Bothered from a young age by the tragic waste of water flowing down the sink drain, Mark Sanders repeatedly dreamed of a system to collect that water and reuse it. Dreams led to sketches, which led

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    TwoFlush: A Dual-Flush Retrofit for Your Favorite Bowl

    August 18, 5:25 PM by Jacob Gordon in Bathroom Design

    Look through history and it’s clear: inspiration comes in the loo. The low-flow showerhead, the waterless urinal, integrated sink/toilet, and group bathing are no doubt the product of inspired water closet thinking. A man named Joe Molho had such a

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    Propelair Toilet

    August 17, 7:18 AM by John Laumer in Bathroom Design

    Propelair's patented new potty, according to the sales literature, "...reduces water consumption to 1.5 Litres per flush, using 84% less water than an average WC, and 75% less than other ‘low-flush’ systems – reducing number of litres wasted, and

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    Wash Your Hands With Toilet Water

    July 20, 7:42 AM by Eric Kane in Bathroom Design

    In the past, TreeHugger has written about numerous alternatives to the standard toilet. From composting to dual-flush, we thought perhaps we had seen it all. Luckily, the folks at Gaiam are offering the Toilet Lid Sink, yet another take on the porcelain

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    LG's Steam Washing Machine uses 35% Less Water

    July 5, 10:00 AM by Warren McLaren in Bathroom Design

    LG call this the "first ever Steam Direct Drive washer that uses steam technology to clean garments." What they don't do is tell us how it accomplishes this feat. We learn it has 9 washing modes, error message indicators and various other

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    The Neco Showerhead (7.1 litres per minute)

    July 2, 9:00 AM by Warren McLaren in Bathroom Design

    While most water conservation suggestions would have you reaching for a showerhead rated to 2.5 gallon per minute (gpm) or 9.5 litres per minute (lpm), there are plenty of others that can trump this measure. And we’ve noted a few here, like the Tiara,

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    William Garvey Teak Baths- Lovely to look at, but...

    June 25, 8:45 AM by Lloyd Alter in Bathroom Design

    We fell in love with the William Garvey version of a Japanese ofuro (soaking tub) but we always thought teak was unsustainably harvested. Not at all, says their website-"Burma Forest Act 's intention was to protect and, as far as possible, to arrange the

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    VivaTerra Launches New Collection

    May 19, 11:02 AM by Kara DiCamillo in Bathroom Design

    If you've been reading TreeHugger for awhile, you know how much we love VivaTerra. Between our Top 5 Finds, the Earth Platter and Recycled Honeycomb Bowls, VivaTerra has something for everyone. Now, in the newest catalog they introduce a new vetiver

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    The Razor Saver: Sharpen Your Used Razors

    April 26, 2:35 PM by Collin Dunn in Bathroom Design

    We've previously tackled the shaving dilemma, but that was before we'd seen the Razor Saver, which might just be one of the handiest gadgets we've ever seen. This baby claims to sharpen your used disposable razor heads for up to 130 shaves (!); using

  • Bidet Seat

    High-Tech Bidets Save Paper and Your Health

    April 25, 9:31 AM by Justin Thomas in Bathroom Design

    High-tech bidet seats! They are an efficient extension to the toilet, and sport features such as jets of heated air, remote controls and various water massage settings. Bidets are more hygienic than using toilet paper, and they can pay for themselves

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    A Towel Made Out Beech Wood: The Millennium Towel

    March 8, 11:56 AM by Justin Thomas in Bathroom Design

    Bonjour of Switzerland has released a towel collection made from Micro Modal, a 100% beech wood cellulose fiber. Modal is softer than terry toweling and 50 percent more absorbent than cotton. It dries quicker too. Bonjour of Switzerland uses only

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    gDiapers Earns Cradle to Cradle Certification

    February 21, 11:39 AM by Collin Dunn in Bathroom Design

    When we wrote about gDiapers a couple of months ago, it created quite a stir. Seems our readers weren't convinced that a flushable/compostable diaper lining was a good idea. After all, we are talking about baby's health and the planet's health

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    Fisher Henney Naturals

    January 26, 4:56 PM by Warren McLaren in Bathroom Design

    Fisher Henney Naturals started up over a decade ago, having a fondness for lush organic cotton goodies, in particular "robes, towels, yogawear, loungewear and sleepwear." On display here is their fleece robe for men and women. Comes in white, sage

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    Winter Protection from Green Beaver

    January 22, 6:53 AM by Lloyd Alter in Bathroom Design

    It used to be cold up here in Canada (yesterday it was 54 degrees F in Toronto, a January record) and we used to think about protecting our skin. Green Beaver makes a range of organic products, but coming from the Ottawa area, they particularly

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    Wax Nostalgic: Vodka Cleantini, Shaken Not Stirred

    January 7, 12:09 PM by Christine Lepisto in Bathroom Design

    Reaction to Treehugger postings on "how to" have been exceedingly positive, but some of us can't find the time to go back to basics on every household need. If making your own soaps from all natural ingredients slipped off your "to do" list this week:


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