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  • Air New Zealand Biofuelling Through The High Skies

    September 30, 2:32 PM by Kimberley Mok in Aviation

    With flying being one of the greatest contributors to growing carbon emissions, airlines are scrambling to find ways to clean up their image — carbon offsets, recycling, zero emissions targets — but it is up to some scrutiny and debate as to

  • Easyjet Steps Up Its Eco-campaign

    September 20, 1:03 PM by Sami Grover in Aviation

    We are pretty used to campaigns to cut aircraft pollution here at TreeHugger , we're just not so used to these campaigns being originated by airlines themselves. Not long ago Mairi reported on calls by UK-based budget carrier Easyjet for an outright

  • Cure Air Traffic Congestion: A Systems Based Solution?

    September 13, 7:00 AM by Tim McGee in Aviation

    Air traffic. Just the word combination seems ridiculous. What miserably planned series of events have conspired to create traffic- in the air?

  • Reducing the Tourism Footprint: Kayak and TreeHugger Team Up

    September 5, 8:11 AM by Sami Grover in Aviation

    TreeHugger is no stranger to discussions on how best to travel lightly on this earth. While we’ve posted on alternatives to flying before, we are aware that many folks will continue to travel by air for the foreseeable future. We were delighted, then,

  • 'Great Plane Robber' Adverts Pulled

    July 20, 4:21 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Aviation

    The new UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, was depicted as the 'Great Plane Robber' in a series of Ryanair adverts which have been pulled out of circulation. Brown increased air passenger duty, apparently to reduce the impact of aviation on the

  • 'No Place to Hide' from Airport Noise

    July 17, 10:30 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Aviation

    Aviation creates a lot of pollution; carbon and noise. A new report has said that people all over London are being affected by Heathrow airport, even those on the other side of the city, many miles away.

  • Bio-fuel Tested in Commercial Jet Engine

    June 19, 4:26 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Aviation

    A blend of bio-fuel and traditional jet fuel has been tested in an aircraft engine which is a common model used by Boeing. This is an exciting move because the engine required no modification to use the fuel, and because of the popularity of the model.

  • Building Green Airplanes: "This is Not Star Trek"

    June 14, 3:41 PM by Lloyd Alter in Aviation

    That's what the CEO of UK discount airline EasyJet said while introducing a design that would slash CO2 emissions by 50%. Andy Harrison continued "This is not leading-edge technology. It is there, it is available. It needs putting together." A couple

  • Turboprops get Eco-labels

    June 11, 2:55 PM by Lloyd Alter in Aviation

    We mentioned earlier that perhaps with the right plane, flying isn't dying, noting that a modern turboprop like the Bombardier Q400 uses far less fuel and flies at an efficiency slightly less than a car and slightly above a modern train. The UK's Flybe

  • London Mayor Supports New Flight Tax

    June 11, 2:15 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Aviation

    London mayor Ken Livingstone has criticised the currnent UK Government’s "negligible" record on tackling climate change and come out in support of the Tories proposed flight tax plan. "We are not being honest with people about aviation - the rate of

  • Airline Industry Aims for 'Zero Emissions'

    June 11, 9:05 AM by Sami Grover in Aviation

    Last week we heard how a senior Ryanair exec is worried about green concerns damaging his company's sales, sparking another vigorous debate about the impacts of flying. At the time, we pointed out how some airlines are doing more than others to

  • Are 'Eco-loonies' Damaging Ryanair's Sales After All?

    June 6, 9:39 AM by Sami Grover in Aviation

    Airlines are getting a tough time from environmentalists these days, and Ryanair, the Irish low-cost airline, is particularly unpopular. Stunts like giving away free tickets, and their plans for ultra-cheap trans-atlantic flights, led to one UK

  • Israel Plays Its Part High In The Sky

    May 18, 9:43 AM by Karin Kloosterman in Aviation

    Despite security constraints, business in Israel is booming. But being an isolated country with less than friendly neighbours, many execs working in management positions head out to Europe, Asia and North America for business. They often find

  • Ryanair Flight Give-Away

    May 17, 7:43 PM by Matthew Sparkes in Aviation

    Ryanair's website crashed under the weight of 4 Million views yesterday, as people clambered to take them up on their latest offer. The low-cost airline gave away a million flights, not at a cheap rate, but for free. They even paid the taxes and

  • Nature Air - The World's Only Zero Emission Airline?

    May 16, 9:00 AM by Warren McLaren in Aviation

    It's great that the big players can talk about all the great things they are going to do, but sometimes it is the little guys that quietly get off their bums and do something about the issues before them. Nature Air being a case in point. Long before

  • Biofuels for Jet Planes - Branson Reveals (a little) More

    April 30, 8:42 AM by Sami Grover in Aviation

    Regular readers of TreeHugger will be aware that aviation is becoming an increasingly hot topic in environmental circles. Readers will also be aware that Richard Branson, the owner of Virgin Atlantic, has been trying to position himself, and his

  • Jeremy Leggett Stirs Up the Aviation Debate

    April 15, 12:40 PM by Sami Grover in Aviation

    It seems we aren't the only ones to stir up vehement debate every time we mention the growth of aviation as a climate risk. The Guardian is once again covering this issue, with John Vidal, the paper's environment correspondent, attacking Ryanair's

  • Jumbos Landing in 'Idle' - Saving Fuel Through Gliding Descent

    April 11, 8:22 AM by Sami Grover in Aviation

    Next time you’re coming in to land in a jet plane, you may find its engines are set to idle. This isn’t as scary as it first sounds, and according to a report in The Age newspaper it is being trialed on commercial jumbos at Auckland International