Jess Root

Writer / Brooklyn, New York

Jess Root is living her bliss, co-directing and instructing at Bodhisattva Yoga in Park Slope, Brooklyn -- and writing about wellness and travel. Her personal experience on the yoga mat and meditation cushion has taught her that true self-sustainability, simplicity, and slowing down are key ingredients for cooking up a successful global sustainability movement.

When Jess isn't running shop in Brooklyn, she's organizing and co-leading semi-annual domestic and international yoga retreats. You can find her and her crew on an organic farm in upstate New York or experiencing a little slice of paradise at a mom and pop hotel in the Caribbean. Anywhere nature prevails.

Jess has appeared in Budget Travel, E, the Environmental Magazine, MSN, and USA Today, and has presented talks at the Tibet Center and the Rubin Museum of Art.

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