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  • Instant Survey: Halloween Shadows

    October 28, 1:27 PM by Jeremy McCumber in Culture

    Halloween is a time to revel in our shadow side, the person, thing or idea that we simply can not express in the confines of our "real life."

  • Instant Survey: Halloween

    October 26, 12:48 PM by Jeremy McCumber in Culture

    With Halloween quickly approaching, our minds are turning to the inevitable Trick or Treaters that will be knocking on our doors. has featured several articles on organic and fair trade alternatives to traditional candies we give out to

  • Instant Survey: Trends

    October 24, 11:32 AM by Jeremy McCumber in Culture

    Some would consider sustainability and environmentalism nothing more then a trend that will subside given enough time. Just take a look at the article Fads are so Yesterday, comparing sustainability to the blog and iPod phenomenons. We'd like to know our

  • Instant Survey: Pets

    October 21, 10:47 AM by Jeremy McCumber in Culture

    In the last survey, posted on Wednesday, we asked our readers their opinions on keeping animals in zoos. Several Treehuggers use the opportunity to express their opinions about on keeping animals as pets. These comments got us wondering what our readers

  • Instant Survey: Zoos

    October 19, 10:53 AM by Jeremy McCumber in Culture

    Treehuggers everywhere seem to differ in their opinions when it comes to zoos. Those who support them argue that they're a valuable source for teaching the public about endangered species and their habitats while also offering those species protection

  • Instant Survey: Through Hikers

    October 17, 12:26 PM by Jeremy McCumber in Culture

    Marcia and Ken Powers recently became the first couple to hike the transcontinental American Discovery Trail in one continuous trek. The couple hiked 4,900 through 13 states in little less then eight months. Some consider them to be eccentric beatniks

  • Recycler :: Solar Power

    October 13, 8:33 AM by Jeremy McCumber in Culture

    1) Super cool and super charged solar power bags from Voltiac.

  • Instant Survey: Indoor/Outdoor Types

    October 7, 11:45 AM by Jeremy McCumber in Culture

    Most people assume that if you are especially concerned about the quality of our environment you must be the "outdoorsy" type. It is true that many TreeHuggers developed an environmental ethic based on extraordinary experiences in nature, but that may

  • Instant Survey: Technology

    October 5, 10:50 AM by Jeremy McCumber in Culture

    One of the great environmental debates revolves around the effectiveness of the "technological fix" vs. the "social fix." Proponents of the former believe that technological ingenuity will not only help us recover from current environmental damage, but

  • Instant Survey: Sustainable Media Solutions

    October 3, 12:46 PM by Jeremy McCumber in Culture

    Treehuggers often face internal struggles when it comes to making the greenest, most sustainable choices. One contemporary example is electronic media. With the near unlimited options for getting media on-line from sources like Netflix, Peerflix and

  • Instant Survey: Guilty Pleasures

    September 30, 12:16 PM by Jeremy McCumber in Culture

    All Treehuggers have those guilty little pleasures that aren't exactly winning them the Greenest Person of the Year Award. Whether it's watering the lawn, shopping at the mall, missing the car pool once in a while, or something else equally as sinful,

  • Instant Survey: Sustainable Housing

    September 28, 1:31 PM by Jeremy McCumber in Culture

    Zero energy houses, prefab buildings, off-grid energy production and high-capacity rain water collection are some of the more impressive strategies for reducing a home's ecological footprint. We're interested in knowing how many Treehuggers actually own

  • Instant Survey: Intelligent Design

    September 26, 10:49 AM by Jeremy McCumber in Culture

    Today in America, the theory of evolution is once again being challenged in federal court, nearly 80 years after the Scopes Monkey Trail came to end. This time, the debate is over 'intelligent design', the idea that life on Earth is so complex the only

  • Instant Survey: To Meat or Not To Meat?

    September 23, 2:54 AM by Jeremy McCumber in Culture

    Treehuggers all over the world are doing what they can to reduce their ecological footprint on the world. The Ecological Footprint Quiz is an excellent resource for measuring your footprint and getting suggestions on what you can do to reduce it. If you

  • Instant Survey: Grocery Shopping

    September 21, 12:00 PM by Jeremy McCumber in Culture

    As Treehuggers, one of the more simple things we can do to help create a sustainable future is to purchase sustainably produced foods. Buying organic is a great choice, but it can be both expensive and/or difficult to find; buying locally grown food

  • Instant Survey: Gardening

    September 19, 11:57 AM by Jeremy McCumber in Culture

    Whether your growing fresh vegetables in the city, using the urbanized, SquareFootGardening (SFG) Grid to harvests fruits, or growing a rooftop garden for herbs, many Treehuggers know the value and joy of cultivating their own garden. We're curious to

  • Instant Survey: Carbon Credits

    September 16, 10:00 AM by Jeremy McCumber in Culture

    If TreeHugger was to figure out the average emissions caused by you reading it, and it was under $10/year and it was a simple process, would you be willing to buy carbon credits to make your visits carbon-free? As always, comments are welcomed and

  • Treehugger Reader Feedback Request

    September 15, 11:06 PM by Jeremy McCumber in About TreeHugger

    As a lifestyle filter we're constantly throwing all kinds of cool websites at you. It can be distracting to keep "backing" up to find the original TreeHugger post. We're curious if you'd like it if links opened a second window - but only once, so that


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