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  • "Eco-tourism" Named Buzzword of the Year

    January 22, 10:40 PM by Erin Courtenay in Travel

    You know the lazy little seaside cabana tucked away in a Costa Rican national park that you've been dreaming about all winter? Well, you'd better book it pronto because Sunday's New York Times travel section announced that eco-tourism is the "buzzword

  • Catwalk Through The Gardens Eco-Fashion Show

    January 20, 12:37 PM by Erin Courtenay in Culture

    I remember the days when you'd be about as likely to find a fashion show at an environmental event as you would to find soymilk at Safeway. But this weekend, in lovely San Diego, TreeHuggers can sip a soy latte while enjoying Catwalk Through the Gardens

  • Instant Survey: Grocery Shopping

    January 19, 3:58 PM by Erin Courtenay in Culture

    There certainly have been some interesting developments in the availability of natural/organic food products. In fact, right now I'm chowin' on pasta made with Organic Ragu that I purchased downstairs at my neighborhood corner store (which, btw, is not

  • Instant Survey: Consumer Kids

    January 17, 10:56 AM by Erin Courtenay in Culture

    When my friends had a baby last month they made it clear that they had plenty of stuff and that no gifts were expected. But I could not restrain myself from the lure of the cute snuggly Bamboosa cap at my local eco-baby store. Surely something so

  • Instant Survey: Disposable Cups

    January 12, 2:46 PM by Erin Courtenay in Culture

    Our recent coffee survey kicked up a fair amount of discussion on the environmental pros and cons of coffee making and drinking. There may be some debate about the eco-friendliness of being a java junky, but one thing is for sure; coffee habits can

  • Book Review: "Beat High Gas Prices Now!"

    January 10, 1:00 PM by Erin Courtenay in Culture

    Our poll on driving habits revealed that many of us are in a hurry to get where we're going. Unfortunately for us speedy TreeHuggers, exceeding the speed limit is not a hallmark of eco-driving, nor is it a wise way to save money on gas. In "Beat High

  • TH Reader Feedback: How's PostHugger Workin' for Ya?

    January 10, 11:43 AM by Erin Courtenay in About TreeHugger

    A few weeks ago we installed a new navigation bar that we dubbed the "PostHugger". It allows you to jump around the site more easily, minimizing scrolling. It's the grey bar above every post. We want to get some initial feedback. Comments

  • TH Reader Feedback: How's Our Commenting System?

    January 9, 3:51 PM by Erin Courtenay in About TreeHugger

    For those of you who have recently posted comments on the site, we upgraded the system and would like to know what you think... (please comment with

  • Instant Survey: Eco-Myths

    January 6, 1:53 PM by Erin Courtenay in Culture

    Many myths offer entertaining or poetic insight into the mysteries of human nature. But when it comes to the environment, "myths" can be harmful mis-truths used to undermine support for meaningful action.

  • One Earth Concert Rocks Climate Change

    January 4, 2:12 PM by Erin Courtenay in Culture

    With their new release "First Impressions of Earth" getting some generous press, The Strokes are in a perfect position to promote climate change awareness when they play the upcoming One Earth Concert in Cardiff, Wales. Manic Street Preachers, The

  • Instant Survey: What's In Your Coffee Cup?

    January 4, 12:42 PM by Erin Courtenay in Culture

    After petroleum, coffee is the world's second most widely traded commodity. But unlike fossil fuels, coffee is a renewable resource for which we have a growing list of sustainable options. TreeHugger has written about a number of green coffee choices,

  • Britney Is An Eco-Friendly Mother...

    January 3, 12:42 PM by Erin Courtenay in Culture

    and apparently, a Brit as well: "Since becoming a mum I have become so green. I am making sure that all my stuff is organic and I get rid of rubbish in a green way. Actually it is fun." Clearly, I'm all for it, but can someone please explain the 21st

  • Instant Survey: New Year's Resolution

    December 30, 10:59 AM by Erin Courtenay in Culture

    Well folks, here it is - your annual opportunity to reinvent yourself as a fit, healthy, well-organized, socially responsible individual. So this year, when you are contemplating New Year's Resolutions, what planet-friendly habit do you plan to take

  • Instant Survey: Gas Mileage

    December 27, 12:26 PM by Erin Courtenay in Culture

    I remember the days when my grandpa kept a careful log of mileage, gallons used and cost per pump. That was when "conservative" meant careful. Now it appears as though concern about gas mileage is making a comeback. I'll confess that I'm guilty of

  • Instant Survey: Home for the Holidays

    December 23, 3:48 PM by Erin Courtenay in Culture

    TreeHugger prides itself on reframing environmentalism as a cross-cultural concern shared by smart folks from all walks of life. But labels persist, and can be especially tenacious among family

  • Instant Survey: O Tannenbaum - How Green Are Thee?

    December 20, 3:19 PM by Erin Courtenay in Culture

    The Christmas tree tradition gives rise to yet another of those eco-conundrums; what is the greenest way to hug a tree at Christmastime? We've offered some advice and options for your tannenbaum, but are curious about what is in your living room this

  • Holiday Gift Guide: Decorations

    December 19, 10:10 AM by Erin Courtenay in Green Home

    As the season draws to a close, many of us will be tempted by the outrageous discounts on holiday themed bric-a-brac. But apart from that ephemeral high that comes from getting a great deal, there really isn't much to be said for loading up on Santa

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