Christine Lepisto

Christine Lepisto

Writer / Berlin, Germany

Christine Lepisto has had the good fortune of developing her childhood love of math and chemistry into a career revolving around corporate environmental responsibility coupled with realistic economic competitiveness, following her belief that change is best made from the inside. After over 20 years of industrial experience -- developing new materials recovery processes, implementing waste reduction projects, satisfying community concerns when seeking permits, and managing chemical stewardship globally -- she founded Chemical Safety Consulting in 2008 to continue to support clients committed to sustainability. She has been writing for TreeHugger since 2005.

Christine and her husband of over twenty-five years divide their time between a rehabilitated neighborhood in Berlin and an organic olive farm in Umbria (Italy). She is proud of their two charming daughters, and thanks all of the TreeHuggers committed to giving their generation and those that follow a better future.

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  • radio phone charge.jpg

    Before the Disaster: Phone Charging Demos

    August 27, 12:15 AM by Christine Lepisto in Renewable Energy

    As captured in the photo from Reuters Alert Network, visitors at a disaster management conference in Tokyo this week got lessons in how to charge their cell phone from their wind-up radio. In addition, the exhibition included demonstrations of the fuel

  • Suburu_R1e_yellow.jpg

    Subaru Joins Electric Car Race with R1e

    August 21, 1:40 AM by Christine Lepisto in Cars

    Fuji Heavy Industries (20% owned by GM), the company behind the Subaru brand, announced on 19 August plans to bring a fully electric version of the mini R1 car to the market. Dubbed the R1e when introduced as a concept car in 2003, the all-electric

  • fuel_cell_car_kit.jpg

    Fuel Cell Car Kit

    August 20, 5:25 AM by Christine Lepisto in Green Home

    Can a car run on only water? Well, it wouldn't be much fun otherwise so you can guess the simple answer is "yes", if it is the car from the Fuel Cell Car and Experiment Kit from Thames and Kosmos. Now you or a budding future scientist dear to you can

  • TH_dishwasher_080805.jpg

    Dishwasher vs Handwashing: the Winner

    August 13, 3:57 PM by Christine Lepisto in Kitchen Design

    We recently covered a tip on dishwasher efficiency, but may have left you still feeling guilty or at least wondering about whether you should be pampering yourself with this labor-saving appliance. Now, thanks to a scientific study at the University

  • Geogitter_geogrid.jpg

    Erosion Stopping Geogrid from Saxon Textile Research Institute

    August 13, 1:23 AM by Christine Lepisto in Natural Sciences

    Overcoming technological obstacles in available production capabilities, the Saxon Textile Research Institute (under the project leadership of Dr. Monika Seeger) has developed a new geogrid capable of stabilizing soils on steep

  • waterex2.jpg

    Waterex: Water Out of Thin Air

    August 6, 7:59 AM by Christine Lepisto in Clean Water

    Here is a technology which raises an eyebrow in the first glance, but shows so much promise, we have to bring it to your attention. The Waterex water maker condenses water out of the air and serves it up hot or cold. It looks a bit like the

  • Grizzly_by_Snowdude.jpg

    Grizzly: Endangered Species or Recovery Success?

    July 31, 1:57 PM by Christine Lepisto in Corporate Responsibility

    Once again, the Grizzly Bear is under pressure. The US Fish and Wildlife Service is expected to publish shortly a plan which will propose removing grizzlies of the Yellowstone Park from protection as

  • dragon_water_japan.jpg

    Bottled Water Trends in Japan

    July 31, 9:00 AM by Christine Lepisto in Clean Water

    The Japanese are heir to waters of great quality or historical value, some which are even claimed "divine". In order to raise the public awareness and help preserve this natural heritage the Japanese Ministry of Environment designated 100 sources of

  • Berlin_ampeln.jpg

    LED Traffic Lights Spread Berlin Cult Figure

    July 30, 12:20 PM by Christine Lepisto in Interior Design

    Although the first use of a gas light to control traffic dates to the 1860'S in Britain, the forerunners of the modern traffic light with red, green and yellow lamps were first set up in New York in 1918. (But before you Manhattanites claim all the

  • Aquastore.jpg

    Aquastore in Rome

    July 24, 8:29 AM by Christine Lepisto in Clean Water

    If you have travelled through Rome's main train station recently, you may have noticed a well-lit, modern store selling nothing but...water. You have arrived at the AQUA Store. We can forgive the inefficiency of bottled water over the excellent water

  • pigs2.jpg

    The UK in 2040: Predictions for the Future

    July 17, 9:00 AM by Christine Lepisto in Corporate Responsibility

    If you are a fan of scenario-planning, or if you just like to give your imagination a little leash, you might enjoy taking a tour of the ADAS website. To celebrate 35 years advising government, agricultural and rural sectors, ADAS specialists have put

  • WaterAid-petition.jpg

    Water Aid Loo-roll Lobbying

    July 16, 8:54 AM by Christine Lepisto in Clean Water

    With all the attention grabbed by Live8, you may have missed reports of the activities of Water Aid. Water Aid may not have reached the millions of people who at least glanced at the Live8 concerts, but credit must be given: they did successfully

  • man_made.jpg

    Eco-improved Tshirt Printing

    July 10, 8:24 AM by Christine Lepisto in Sustainable Fashion

    You are a proud treehugger, using your purchasing power as responsibly as you can. For example, when you want a T with a hip logo, you shop at organic, fair-trade businesses like Gossypium, maker of the featured logo which pokes a bit of fun at the

  • bartindismant.JPG

    European Jet Plane Recycling Center

    July 9, 8:08 AM by Christine Lepisto in Sustainable Product Design

    Did you ever wonder what happens to a passenger plane when it can't fly anymore? Excluding cases such as the Concorde, which will be retained in museums for posterity, today they mostly sit around in plane graveyards, such as in the Western deserts of

  • berlin_live8_poster.jpg

    Live8 Berlin was Rocking--was it Helping?

    July 3, 3:06 AM by Christine Lepisto in Culture

    If you don't live within a stone's throw of one of the cities hosting the Live8 today, you may be succoring yourself with the philosophy of David Stubbs (of Wired Magazine). To paraphrase, and probably invite a lawsuit: Musicians today are merely

  • compact-fluo-01.jpg

    User Tips for Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs

    June 19, 3:40 AM by Christine Lepisto in Interior Design

    Alert Treehugger reader "Jordan" poses such a good question in comment to Friday's article on the benefits of compact fluorescent bulbs, that Treehugger is happy to answer here to help new and old users get the most out of their lighting. Thanks for

  • airbus380.jpg

    Live from Paris: Airbus A380 in Flight

    June 18, 12:27 AM by Christine Lepisto in Corporate Responsibility

    If you travel, it may be with anxiety that you ponder the future of flight whenever talk turns to the new Airbus A380. But if courtesy and mutual respect among fellow travellers facilitates boarding and the state of safety engineering science prevents

  • nuclear.jpg

    Germany to Review Nuclear Options

    June 12, 9:26 AM by Christine Lepisto in Corporate Responsibility

    In Germany, the changing political winds are carrying the whisper of yet another angle on using nuclear power as a political tool in the fight to keep positive ratings in the "peak oil" era. Gerhard Schroeder has reacted to a poor showing by his


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