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    Alternative Thanksgiving Tradition: Buy Nothing Day

    November 24, 9:11 AM by Celine Ruben in Culture

    Yesterday most Americans gathered around the table with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving. Known as Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, kicks off the holiday season and is the busiest shopping day of the entire year. In other words,

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    Bergman's Organic Pima Cotton Clothing

    November 21, 2:59 PM by Celine Ruben in Sustainable Fashion

    Since 1986 the Swedish company Bergman’s has been churning out garments for the whole family made with their own certified organic cotton. Over the years, this family business has perfected their organic Pima cotton grown in their own fields in the

  • muni_meters.jpg

    Seen In New York: Solar Powered Parking Meters

    November 20, 12:02 PM by Celine Ruben in Solar Technology

    Being an extremely occasional driver, it took me a while to discover the ubiquitous multi-space, pay-and-display parking meters that grace the sidewalks of New York. The so called "Muni-Meters" caught my eye because on top of each is an angled solar

  • 123_ludlow.jpg

    Ekovaruhuset NY: House of Organics

    November 17, 12:35 PM by Celine Ruben in Style

    Sure to be known as "that Swedish Organic Shop on Ludlow," Ekovaruhuset (tr. House of Organics) is the newest edition to the developing eco-shopping circuit on Manhattan's Lower East Side. Everything in the store meets strict eco-guidelines and

  • peau_ethique_undies_n_socks.jpg

    Peau Ethique Organic Undies

    November 15, 10:06 AM by Celine Ruben in Sustainable Fashion

    Want to feel more comfortable prancing around in your undies? The French company C.A.BIO produces super cute organic lingerie, underwear, PJs and socks for men, women and children under the brand "Peau Ethique."

  • element.jpg

    The Element Space Heater

    November 14, 1:13 PM by Celine Ruben in Interior Design

    In their research study called Static!, the Swedish Interactive Institute has redesigned ordinary household objects using design and energy to communicate to the user a tacit experience of energy use. By involving the senses people are invited to

  • droog_radiator.jpg

    Seen in New York: Radiator Rethought

    November 13, 6:33 AM by Celine Ruben in Interior Design

    Not only is the design of this Radiator a dramatic departure from conventional design but, with more exposed surface area for heat to dispate from it is also inherently eco-friendly and an improvement on current versions. Modern. Playful. Clever. It

  • goodsearch.jpg

    GoodSearch: Doing Good, One Search At A Time

    November 8, 4:23 PM by Celine Ruben in Clean Technology

    We recently learned about GoodTree the search engine that allows you to raise money for charity while browsing the internet as you normally would. GoodSearch is another alternative that works similarly. Founded on the premise that people really want to

  • use_less_mosaic.jpg

    Reminder: Use Less

    November 7, 11:50 AM by Celine Ruben in Culture

    Food for thought graces the stairway leading to the G train platform in Brooklyn, NY. While switching trains from the L to the G at the Lorimer/Metropolitan Avenue/Grand Street commuters are reminded to "Use Less". Completed in 2000, this mosaic is

  • lipstick%20copy.jpg

    Lipstick, Shampoo, Nail Polish - How Toxic is OK?

    November 7, 11:43 AM by Celine Ruben in Interior Design

    Innocent until proven guilty is a great policy when it comes to the law but when it comes to my personal health I'd much rather that unsafe chemicals don't make it into my lipstick even if they are not currently deemed dangerous. Yet, precisely that is

  • tack.jpg

    State Sponsored Ad Campaign Promotes Cleanliness in Stockholm

    November 5, 10:31 PM by Celine Ruben in Culture

    Sometimes called the Venice of the North, Stockholm, Sweden is composed of large islands stitched together to create a city. Parks and tree-lined streets are common and nature is close. In fact, Djurgarden (tr. "The Animal Park") a section of the

  • DisplayStandCloseUp.carrier.jpg

    "Boing Boing does not understand wind credits" - do you?

    November 3, 2:03 PM by Celine Ruben in Renewable Energy

    On Tuesday we learned that Whole Foods customers can now pick up Wind Power Cards while doing their grocery shopping. Conveniently placed close to check-out, the cards are meant to facilitate carbon offsetting for individuals and families alike. But

  • gitana_rosa.jpg

    Gitana Rosa: Green Gallery Opening in Williamsburg

    November 1, 6:27 PM by Celine Ruben in Culture

    A new gallery opens this week in New York's trendy Williamsburg. If you are in the 'burg this Friday (November 3rd, 2006), the social enterprise Gitana Rosa invites you to come buy, check it out and celebrate at 19 Hope Street. 15% of profits from the

  • amd_is_green.jpg

    AMD's Sustainable Ad Campaign

    October 31, 11:52 AM by Celine Ruben in Gadgets

    Buss stops and phone booths in Manhattan are draped with the words, "Is Green, Saves Green. Part of a new ad campaign for the super efficient Opteron processor chips made by Intel-rival AMD, the company aims to position itself as the eco-friendly

  • kaight_shopper.jpg

    Green Couture @ Kaight

    October 30, 1:30 PM by Celine Ruben in Style

    If you are looking for an outfit that is both super elegant and eco-friendly, KAIGHT on Orchard Street in Manhattan has got your number. Dedicated to advancing the image of green fashion this New York eco-boutique is full of stylish, ethically produced

  • opec-heart_me.jpg

    The End of an Affair? Americans and Gas

    October 27, 9:23 AM by Celine Ruben in Cars

    Yesterday we posted on measures taken in the UK to minimize traffic and today we're happy to report that even the US has firmed up laws promoting frivolous gasoline use. Until recently a controversial loophole existed in the tax law allowing buyers

  • no_escalade.jpg

    Money Talks: Driving Taxes in Great Britain

    October 26, 9:42 AM by Celine Ruben in Sustainable Product Design

    We learned this week that the Brits are a wasteful bunch indeed, and traffic is no exception. London suffers the worst traffic congestion in the UK and amongst the worst in Europe. Apparently, London drivers spend 50 percent of their time stuck in

  • logo_sm.gif

    Search for Good: GoodTree and GoodSearch

    October 25, 10:36 AM by Celine Ruben in About TreeHugger

    James Currier had a vision to create an online service that would harness the Internet to benefit charity. GoodTree, which originally launched summer of 2005, went offline in November 2005, and re-launched in July 2006 was the result. The search engine


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