This Week In TreeHugger History: DasPark, Babes On Bikes, Party Like It's 1499

2004 We first heard of the woonerf, the Dutch street design with no stop signs, no curbs, promoted by the late Hans Mondermann, in RANDOM: Slow Down To Speed Up???
2005 Yes, was that long ago that we first showed the Das ParkHotel which "offers rooms with minimum space volume for maximum comfort in the green heart of Linz. The rooms are equipped with electricity and an internet connection." Minimalist Accommodation: Das ParkHotel. Also cool that year: Glass Walkway Over Grand Canyon
2006 Beauties on bikes: before Mikael made Copenhagen Cycle Chic we were there, spotting the stars. Hollywood Bike Patrol: Vintage Elle MacPherson and Audrey Hepburn, Madonna, Chloe Sevigny, and More! also: Biking the Mississippi on pedal-powered pontoon boats.

2007 Perhaps we should have named the site Bikehugger, judging from the number of posts in the archives on the subject. Here, David Byrne Talks Cycling; he's still doing it. Also, in Not Tonight, Dear, I'm Down with Climate Change, Jas talks about sex.

2008 Guess what? Warming Seas Make Strongest Storms Stronger, Scientists Confirm. And we are still fighting over this. And I am still complaining about all-glass buildings like I did in Stop With the Glass Façades Already Every other post was about Sarah Palin and the election and you don't want to go there.

2009 How can I not lead with a story titled Angry Green Girl Puts Boobs and Sex Appeal Front and Center to Sell a Green Message? enough said. Also have a look at Bill Lishman's Underground Dome Home and a neat Office That Folds Up Into Retro Steamer Trunk

2010 We have been big on what we call transformer furniture since the beginning of TreeHugger. I tried to look at the history of it, and of furniture, as background for Graham Hill's LifeEdited project. A long and serious post about the history of the way we live, quoting Rybczynski and Giedion. 12 people read it; why don't you at LifeEdited: With Transformer Furniture, You Can Party Like It's 1499. Also: a very cool post by Jaymi: See Aurora Lights from Space in Awesome Time Lapse of Earth (Video)

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