The Week in Pictures: Italian Renewable Energy Exec Arrested for Mafia Ties, 90% of Kuwait's Coral Reefs Have Mysteriously Died, and More (Slideshow)

It didn't take long for new developments to surface about the Italian Mafia infiltrating the renewable energy industry: Police officers have arrested a renewable energy exec and seized 1.5 billion euros worth of assets, because of alleged mafia ties. In other shocking news, officials in Kuwait have announced that about 90% of corals in their territorial waters are dead or dying; the first Hourglass Dolphin found in more than 150 years has washed up on the shores of New Zealand; Poison-laced mice are being airdropped into Guam to kill a rampant, invasive species of tree snake--there's a video, after the jump--, and in a remote part of the Pacific Ocean, an old oil-drilling rig has been turned into a hotel catering to snorkelers and scuba divers--the type of project proposed by Morris Architects for the (pre-BP spill) Gulf of Mexico.

Find this news, and more, in out photo roundup of the most popular, most shocking, and most uncanny stories from around the globe this week.

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